Pastel – Chocolate mascarpone crepe


About the meal: This is my go to, although I’ve tried a couple of the items on their menu. The chocolate crepe is filled with fresh strawberries and mascarpone cheese, a great alternative to nutella crepes. The mascarpone lightens up the sweetness of the chocolate sauce in which the crepe is covered.

This is served with some cocoa whipped cream on the side, and comes with 2 scoops of ice cream – usually french vanilla but the staff will allow you to make some changes; in the above I tried mango and french vanilla ice cream. The French vanilla is a great complement as it’s not too sweet, but I didn’t find the mango to be a good pairing option. The mango ice cream on itself also lacked creaminess.

This crepe makes for a great brunch or snack as it’s pretty filling, and if shared, a good desert option. It is not overly sweet but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth as the chocolate sauce and ice cream can tend to get overwhelming towards the end.

About the place: Cute, cosy little restaurant in North York, I’ve been several times and have always found the staff very friendly and welcoming. The selection of crepes, cakes, waffles and beverages that they offer is simply amazing for anyone with a sweet tooth – note that they also offer savory crepes. They also maintain a very clean environment which is key. This makes for a perfect spot to meet with friends, family or your significant other for brunch, desert or a snack. You’re welcome!



The One That Got Away – Salmon Burger



About the meal: When I first heard about the “salmon burger” from my coworker, I thought it was weird. But when a couple of other coworkers suggested that I try it, I decided to go for it. And…. I regret not having tried it sooner! This is an amazing burger to have! The salmon filet is fresh and perfectly cooked – doesn’t crumble in the bun from being overcooked. The bun is nice and fresh; there is minimal dressing but just enough veggies (lettuce & tomatoes) and sauce, so that it doesn’t taste dry. In my opinion the salmon burger is a must try! And I have to tell you I am not usually a fish person. 

About the place: The perfect place for anyone who is looking for seafood options – if you do not eat fish or seafood, don’t even bother stepping foot in here! I’ve never actually eaten at the restaurant but the vibe I get is that of a cosy, small town diner. The staff is pretty friendly (although I wouldn’t say exceptional). Worth a try for sure!

Bonus: they’re on ritual!


Masseria – Margherita on charcoal activated crust



About the meal: I have to say I absolutely LOVE the pizze at Masseria! The thin crust is just perfect, and the aroma of the oven simply splendid. I tend to like my pizzas plain-ish (too much meat can make it too salty) so my go-to is the margherita, pictured above.

The sauce tastes home made and there is just the right amount of cheese and salt. I’ve tried several other pizze (posts to come) but this is definitely my favorite one there! Also the charcoal activated crust. No it’s not burnt crust! You really cannot taste the difference with regular crust, except for the fact that it tastes smoother and softer, not as crispy as regular dough. I personally prefer it that way.

About the place: As you can probably tell from the picture above I didn’t eat this pizza in the restaurant, but I’ve eaten there before so I’ll speak on that. The vibe is simply amazing! From the moment you order to the service you receive, all the staff is just so useful and friendly. When dining in, there are pots of basil so you can put some fresh herbs on your pizz… yumm!

You also have to love the fact that the food comes out REALLY fast! I’ve never waited longer than 10 min for my pizza, even with a large group. And little bonus, the view is amazing if you get a spot on the big round table 😉 Look out for it, although it’s really hard to miss!

They offer all sorts of other Italian foods – salads and sandwiches. I haven’t tried them but they looked very appealing from the display.

A little heads up – Masseria is not a full service restaurant, so you will have to order and pay, pick your seat and then receive your food. I have to say though that out of the many restaurants on King W, Masseria is one of the few that will take a lunch reservation. On that note, they’re also on Ritual, if you wanted to order online and quickly grab ‘n go. Props!


Saku Sushi – Special lunch “Combo A”


About the meal: I always go with the Combo A, so I speak with confidence when I say the fish is fresh and the chefs will surprise you with a unique set of sushis every single time! Combo A is a selection of 12 piece sushi and maki rolls created by the chef. Gotta love it!

The lunch combo also includes a miso soup and a green salad. I’m not a big fan of miso soup generally speaking, but their miso (top left in the picture) is quite flavorful and not too salty, compared to other misos I’ve had.

Not pictured here, the green is a mix of lettuce and tomatos and the salad dressing aboslutely fabulous!

If you’re not a big eater, this will most definitely be enough but for the big stomachs out there, you might want to try something else on the menu.

About the place: It’s a nice spot on Queen West, with great decor and a great ambiance. The music can be  a little lound, especially if you have to take a call – there’s no quiet corner to go to. Having been there several times, I find that there may be a lack of customer service when the place is busy, and the wait times can be long (especially at lunch time) but otherwise the experience is great. There are plenty of options if you’ve come for seafood or Japanese food.

I’d say it’s a great for dates, meeting up with friends or lunch with coworkers. Try it out and let me know your thoughts!


Le petit déjeuner – Mocha


About the drink: You probably figured by now that I usually go for the mocha or the specialty drink on the menu! Just so you know, the mocha is not on the menu but if you ask they will happilly make it for you – bonus points for that! It was one of the best mochas I’ve had, in that you could taste the coffee (good coffee AND fair trade!) and the hot chocolate portion was made with rich chocolate, I’m going to suspect probably belgian. I also have to add that they used milk and not hot water for the hot chocolate, and a conoisseur will definitely know the difference. The whole thing was topped with chocolate/cocoa powder for a crisp finish. On the downside, there was no foam art and I have to admit although it was delicious, it was on the verge of being too sweet!

About the place: See post “Le petit déjeuner – Eggs Benny


Le petit déjeuner – Eggs Benny


About the meal: Sweet and savoury gal right here was very satisfied!

For the bacon option I went with peameal, which is a lot leaner. The eggs were made to perfection and the fact that it sat on a bed of salty bacon and was topped with hollandaise gave it the right amount of salt and moisture. The one thing that was perhaps lacking was some bread, to eat off the soft yolk that ran all over the plate one the egg was cut.

The apple slaw was a good mix of sweet and sour, very well complimented with the sauce on top. I will definitely look into making this at home!

And finally the waffles…. I don’t think I would do justice to them in my description so I would urge you to try it for yourself! They’re not the typical thick waffles that you’ll find in most places, but rather very light and fluffly, with a quite unique taste to them. a great accompaniment to the rest of the meal!

About the place: This place has GREAT music! Not too loud so you can still have a good conversation. The staff is just amazing! Very friendly and helpful when navigating the menu 🙂 thumbs up! I would say it’s a great place to meet with friends or great for a date, however the line up is pretty long… On average 30min (for weekend brunch at least).


Stoney’s Bread Company – Mango Raspberry Mimosa | Mocha


About the drinks:
                                                                    – Mango Raspberry Mimosa – 
(Drink on the left in picture above)
Heads up to the friends who don’t consume alcohol, there is some in this one!
I decided to try this to get a taste of a non-traditional mimosa, usually made with orange juice and champagne. I found the blend quite perfect! The right amount of mango sweetness and raspberry tanginess, and just enough bubbly to enhance it all. I would definitely recommend this one!
– Mocha –
(Drink in the front in picture above)
As a mocha-girl, I have to say that I was not impressed by this one. It was almost like hot chocolate with a hint of coffee, as opposed to coffee with a hint of cocoa. A very sweet drink that could please some that have a rather sweet tooth, but definitely not quite the pick for coffee lovers!

About the place: See post “Stoney’s Bread Company – Crêpes aux fraises