Social Restaurant & Lounge – Ploughman


About the meal: The plate consists of charcuterie, pickled vegetables, aged cheddar and biscottes – on the dinner menu. I chose this because I was looking for something light to accompany my dining partner. I’m not someone who likes pickles but the pickled vegetables tasted just right! A hint of sourness, with the actual taste of the vegetable, and I liked the fact that the texture was still there. The cheese was strong, but complimented the meats very well by adding in a strong taste. Now to talk about the meat (my domain, as a carnivore!) the slices were cut in a way that left them juicy, despite the fact that it’s dried meat. They weren’t too fatty, and I also really enjoyed was the fact that they weren’t “over-salted”, which is usually the case for dried meats. My little tip: A biscotte with a slice of charcuterie, some cheese and a piece of pickled vegetable: un vrai délice! I would definitely recommend this as an apetizer. Even though it was an apetizer, I found it pretty filling!

About the place: A nice and classy environment, great place to go enjoy a meal and have a nice conversation. The server was nice, engaging in the casual chat but also respectful of our personal space. The service was prompt and very good. Worth a try, it’s right in the Byward market!



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