Ekko de Brasil – Caipirinha


About the drink:
I had never had a caipirinha before this one, so it would be hard to tell whether it was a good caipirinha or not. Caipirinha is Brazil’s national cocktail, and is made of cachaça/caninha (sugar cane liquor), sugar and lime. It somewhat reminded me of a mojito, but a lighter and sweeter version of it. Although I can’t compare it to the typical “good” caipirinha, I definitely enjoyed this drink.

About the place:
It’s an interesting buffet place, where the waiters constantly walk around with long skewers of different kinds of meats which they cut straight into your plate. That being said, it is fairly easy to get a hold of a waiter if you have a question or specific needs/requests. The seating area is also quite comfortable, and there was a live performance which was great! – we went on a Sunday evening. I quite liked it. It’s a little pricy so if you plan on trying this place out, have your wallet prepared!



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