Ever afters – Almond sherbet with (tapioca) pearls


About the drink: Before trying out the almond sherbet, my other 2 favourite flavours were:
#1: The strawberry sherbet, which I discovered thanks to my little sister
#2: The passion fruit green tea bubble tea (with pearls, it’s the best part!)

I had try the raw almond milk before so when I was offered this, which Strawberry Sherbet had ordered, I thought I wouldn’t like it, but tasted out of politeness. Little did I know it would become my favourite – and definitely one of my favourite beverages of all times! The sherbet makes it refreshing, the pears complete the deliciousness, and the almond simply gives it a light and refreshing drink, like a cold ice-tea on a summer day! It also has this “dry” taste which I particularly enjoy.

About the place: Very cozy place with a friendly waiter, whose very knowledgeable about the menu. I also like the fact that they promote Artists by displaying their art around the place; some of it is also for sale for those interested! The only downside is that if you go there in the evening (in the summer, I haven’t gone in the winter), chances are that they ran out of bubbles 😦 So one thing to consider if you want the full bubble tea experience, would perhaps be to call ahead of time. Happy sipping!




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