Moxie’s – White chocolate brownie


About the meal: I will be honest with you. I don’t really like white chocolate, so when asked to try this desert, I was very reluctant, but did it in the name of “trying new things”. I can say I did well by doing so! This desert was simply one of the best I’ve had! The warm white chocolate brownie is lighter than it’s milk chocolate counterpart, which makes it easier to eat after a meal. I also like the softness and sponginess of it. The whipped cream on the side was light, and the vanilla ice cream is as always, a great way to tone down on the sweetness and warmth of the cake. 10/10! I really can’t find anything to bring the grade down, not even by a tiny notch.

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Moxie’s – White peach bellini



This is a refreshing, light drink. I usually don’t like drinking ice-drinks (drinks with crushed ice and such) because I find that they are too cold (and I have sensitive teeth!) and also the ice tends to melt and it ends up in a watery drink – that’s if, like me, you don’t flush it down within minutes.

I liked that the alcohol taste was not very strong, and even though I couldn’t taste any peach, the fruitiness of the cocktail made it a light drink to enjoy. I have to say I was disappointed in the fact that I couldn’t taste any peach but it was still a good drink!


Moxie’s – Top sirloin


About the meal: One of the best meals I’ve had! And I’m not only talking about my dish; we went out as a group and all the meals were amazing. But to get back to this one: The steak is “aaa” grain fed Alberta beef. The meat was incredibly tender and juicy, and seasoned just the right amount. The meal comes with a choice of seasonal vegetable, and a side of potato. The vegetable of the season that I went with was broccoli, as you can see in the above picture; I naturally like broccoli but for those who don’t, they seasoned it and brought the taste to a new level! It’s worth trying. As for the side of potato, I chose the stuffed baked potato, which is essentially potato mashed with I believe bacon, cheese (?) and herbs/seasoning; the mix is then put back into the potato skin and baked. A must-try for any potato lover! It was truly exquisite! I loved the soft crust at the top, and the soft texture within the potato skin. The flavours were once again mixed just right and complimented the steak and broccoli well. My grade: A+ all the way!

About the place: Nice classy environment, with very friendly staff who are quite knowledgeable about the menu, and give great advice. One thing I would change is the lighting, which is a little dim, but I guess it’s the kind of ambiance they wanted to go with. Great spot for a date or a celebration!


Red Lobster – Chocolate wave

About the meal: What to say about this desert… It’s a warm chocolate cake drizzled with chocolate sauce, and topped with vanilla ice cream. A very good desert to enjoy but again, this is Miss sweet-tooth speaking here. In all honesty, the chocolate cake/chocolate sauce combo is rather overwhelming, but the light vanilla ice cream complements it really well. The portion is pretty big if you’ve had a meal before, so I would recommend it to share. I also really liked the mix of hot and cold, which is just like an edible definition of fire and ice, if you’re still wondering how that concept is possible!

About the place:
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Red Lobster – Biscuits (free!)



About the meal: Well, it’s not a meal per se. Instead of the standard mini bread  buns that most restaurants will bring you prior to your meal, Red lobster serves these seasoned butter biscuits. They are baked right there so you always get a fresh warm basket of these little goodies, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. And you can have as many as you wish, just keep asking your server! They’re honestly delicious. A warning for people sensitive to salt though, you might find them a little too salty.

About the place:
See post “Red Lobster – Fire-grilled lobster, shrimp and scallops”.



Red Lobster – Fire-grilled lobster, shrimp and scallops

IMG_3155   IMG_3153

About the meal: I love the fact that there is a bit of everything on this platter (except crab, which I could’ve added given that it was Crabfest). It comes with a skewer of grilled shrimp, a skewer of grilled scallops and a grilled lobster tail; the whole meal is accompanied with rice, a side (I chose mashed potatoes here) and an accompaniment (I took a garden salad with a berry balsamic dressing). Now where do I begin! Every bite of this place was like heaven in my mouth.
The grilled seafood was seasoned and cooked to perfection, with just the right amount of flavor and juiciness. I am actually not a big fan of seafood but I loved that I couldn’t taste the “sea” taste in anything on this plate. A tip from me: squeezing the piece of lemon and some of the seasoned butter on the seafood is definitely an added bonus!
The rice was also made just right, with the right amount of seasoning and wasn’t “hard”, which I typically find when I eat out. The seasoned garlic poured on the rice also gave it a twist of added flavor.
The mashed potatoes I have to say were the best I can remember ever having! You could tell they were made from scratch, and again they had just the right amount of flavor and creaminess. Truly divine!
Finally the garden salad. The mix of vegetables is nothing unique: lettuce, cucumbers, onions and croutons. But for someone with a sweet tooth, I really enjoyed the berry balsamic on this.

All in all, a tasty, filling and quite complete meal for a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend this plate!

About the place: We were unfortunate enough to go on a Saturday evening, and they don’t take reservations on weekends. The wait is VERY long (1 hour + if you go around dinner time), so that’s something to look out for. I find the environment nice and calm, good for a casual date or a family outing. The waitress we got was fantastic! However I was not impressed with the service at reception.

If you’re lucky to have a good waiter/waitress, the wait is definitely worth the quality of the meal.

– RaspberryCream