Royal Thai / Palais Imperial – Sticky rice

Royal Thai / Palais Imperial – Sticky rice

About the meal:
I am not Asian born or of Asian descent, but having lived in Singapore and being surrounded by Asian friends has given me the opportunity to appreciate good and different types of Asian food. The sticky rice here was well made. For those of you who don’t eat pork or require Halaal meat, I guess this is out of bound… Other than the dish having taste, I however found the meat inside a little dry.

About the place:
Nice little place in the Byward market, with friendly staff and a clean interior. The restaurant is spacious and has enough rooms between tables for you to feel comfortable. I’ve only been at lunch hours though, so the conditions might change at night time for dinner…
The service is prompt and you don’t feel harassed by the constant presence of a waiter. On the downside, it might be difficult to get a waiter/waitress’ attention when you are sitting far away from the front desk.





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