Eggspectation – Eggstravaganza

Eggspectation - Eggstravaganza

“Grab the eggs by the day”, so they say.

About the meal:
I can never make up my mind on sweet or salty breakfasts, so I like going to places that offer a mix of both on one plate! Eggstravanganza offers eggs the way you like them (I had mine poached this time), with potatoes, brioche french toast that come with maple syrup, and a choice of ham, sausage or bacon (I went with sausage). It was also garnished with pieces of fruits – a healthy sweet twist that I was happy to be surprised with! The sausage tasted like standard breakfast sausage and the poached eggs like standard home made poached eggs. However the fact that brioche was used for the french toast gave an interesting flavor to it. I would definitely recommend them! A perfect mixture between the subtlely sweet brioche and the eggs, soaked with the goodness of maple syrup (if you chose to pour it on top). Lekker as South Africans would say!

About the place:
What I like about this place is the diversity of the meals and drinks they offer, along with quality and reasonably priced food. I also find that there is a lot of space altogether, so you are most likely to feel comfortable sitting at one of their tables.
I would suggest the top floor for seats, it’s very bright and it’s a nice view on the streets.
Another bonus? Free refills on coffee! *black coffee only – mocchachino, capucchino and other specialty coffee drinkers, don’t start getting excited!*
It’s also fairly clean, and the staff cares about service; I remember going and one of my friends asked me to order her meal while she was on her way. They brought it out and she still wasn’t here, so the waiter suggested he’d keep it warm in the kitchen for her. He also kept an eye out so as soon as she arrived, he brought the food out. I thought that was pretty nice! They also tend to be fairly flexible when it comes to customizing your meal.