Milestones – Crispy calamari strips


The meal: *

I found the calamari strips quite plain and even after dipping them in the sauces, they still weren’t flavourful. The reason I went to Milestones that day, however, was for ‘the cookie’ which was just as delicious as it looks (reviewed by RaspberryCream).

The place: ***1/2

Each customer is greeted at the door with friendly staff and is seated in either the dining or lounge section. We chose the lounge which ended up having a good view of the street (Rideau) and patio. There were other people in the same section but the room is well spaced so the noise level is low. If you’re on a date or hanging out with some friends, I’d recommend the lounge.

The price: $$

– Strawberry Sherbet


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