Milestones – Baked goat cheese & slow-roasted garlic


This appetizer is by far my favorite in the Milestones menu! And the good thing is, it’s actually filling enough that when I eat this I’m full! (I will speak for myself though, some big eaters out there will consider this a snack size). The other good thing is, if you do have a small belly like me and you want an appetizer and a main dish, this is a perfect platter to share!

The plate consists of the following: flat bread sprinkled with cheese, fig jam, spiced cranberry relish, a half roasted garlic clove, toasted baguette slices and goat cheese. I find that the flat bread tastes the best with some goat cheese and fig jam; the salted and strong taste of the cheese is perfectly matched and toned down by the sweetness of the fig jam, a very unique and incredible taste! The way I enjoy the toasted baguette slices is by rubbing on some  of the roasted garlic on it, and spreading a little bit of the cranberry relish. Another wonder of the taste buds!

Whether you are looking for a snack or a little amuse-gueule to eat as you enjoy some drinks, this is the perfect plate!



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